Our laboratory equipment provides diagnostic readings to help us understand and treat your pet’s condition(s).

Our LaserCyte is used for determining red and white blood cell counts, including the breakdown of each. Our catalyst provides chemistry panels, which shows the function of organs such as the liver, kidneys, pancreas and blood glucose.

A SnapShot machine gives us thyroid and phenobarbital levels. If more detailed results are deemed necessary, we will send laboratory samples to IDEXX in Westbrook, Maine. (For more information, visit

Our urine analyzer helps determine any abnormalities in your pet’s urine. It measures red and white blood cells in the urine, glucose, concentration, and pH level (acidity vs. alkalinity). A microscopic evaluation is also performed by a veterinarian or a licensed veterinary technician to confirm these findings.

Other laboratory services include microscopic evaluations of skin scrapings, growths, aspirates, ear cytologies, and stool samples.

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